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Door Repair and Refinishing in Henderson Nevada

You Shouldn’t Have to Slam Your Door to Close it!

Your interior and exterior doors should close and lock easily. If you have constantly having to slam or push/lift your door to lock it, you may need some adjustments made to help the door operate the way it was intended.

Over time, door hardware components either shift out of place or simply wear out. We can repair your doors to have them operating like new

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It’s a three part process to refinish your front door

Depending on the condition of the previous finish, there are several ways to bring your Henderson Nevada door back to life, but all of them follow:

  1. Sanding or using a stripping agent to remove the old finish
  2. Staining and/or painting the door
  3. Sealing the door (for exterior based paint, this is not required

Henderson Nevada homeowners realize that stripping the finish off and refinishing a wood door is a time consuming and sometimes expensive process and that is why they hire and trust us. Once the clear coat on doors begins to breakdown from the sun and other element of nature, the wood deteriorates quickly and it is important to take the steps to protect the wood as soon as possible. That is where we come in!

Unfortunately, we find that homeowners often wait too long.

By the time it’s realize their door needs work, it is too late to save the coating and the whole door has to be stripped and refinished. The bad news is that refinishing a wood door is expensive.

Depending on the intricacy of the door the refinishing cost may range between $425 and $1,300.

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Front Door Refinishing Henderson Nevada
Before - After Front Door Refinishing Henderson Nevada

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