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Picture, Art and Shelving Hanging Service in Henderson Nevada

We all love gallery walls, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re an amazing way to infuse color and pattern into space. They let the art-lovers among us display our collections in groups so we can get more pieces on the walls.

They’re an excellent way to take up empty space on a large wall, and most importantly they’re one of the best opportunities we get to show who we are and what we love in our life!

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Timesaving Picture Hanging Services in Texas

That painting, picture or shelving you purchased won’t hang itself on the wall. Even though you may be physically able to do the task, you may not have an eye for hanging decor on walls. Your best effort may leave the piece hanging in a slanted position. Let our team at My Home Advocate straighten out things with our picture hanging services in Henderson Nevada.

We provide residential and commercial services, and we can hang just about anything you put in our hands. From corporate signs to decorative mirrors, we hang them so that they enhance their surroundings.

In addition, we can show you how to do picture hanging effectively, when you prefer doing the work yourself, but want some guidance.


Shelving Installation

Shelf mounting sounds simple, but can get hard quick. Struggling with screws, tools, levels and simply getting it right can be tough without the right experience and tools that make it more simple.

The time has come for you to hire someone to do it right for you the first time. Your Henderson Handyman specialize in installing floating shelves,  closet shelves, wire shelving, and even garage shelving!

If you’re looking for a reliable, skilled Handyman to help install shelves for your home, office and/or business please CALL or TEXT us @ 702-499-4885

Picture and Shelving Hanging Services Henderson Nevada
Shelving Installation Henderson Nevada

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