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On-Demand Maintenance for Tenants & Decreased Overhead for Property Managers

Professional Handyman Repair Services for Property Owners & Managers in Las Vegas Nevada

We Understand Your Tenants

Just like all of us; your tenants are busy, busy, busy. We respect appointment times and show up on time – every time. Your tenants have lives too – between kids school, extra curricular activities and work, life shows up!

When you hire My Home Advocate as your handyman for your properties we guarantee that we show up on time to your tenant appointments.

We Represent You to Your Tenants

Your tenants are letting us into their homes and honor and respect that. We show up with:

  • Facemasks
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves that are only used at that residence
  • Shoe / Boot covers which are disposed of after each residential visit
We sanitize surfaces after we complete our work and ensure everything is clean and left better than it was when we arrived.

In short, we deliver an awesome customer experience for your tenants – resulting in happier and more long-term renters!

Call us @ (702) 499-4885 or complete the below appointment request and we’ll set a time to review your Properties and how you would like them maintained in Henderson Nevada.

Handyman for Henderson Nevada Property Managers

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